About the Website

It all started with a Telegram channel to share notes, eBooks, videos etc. with an aim of easy access to everyone. The channel was formed on 18th January, 2021 and has now gained about 700+ active subscribers. Considering the actual strength of all 1st years, not everyone would be on Telegram. So, it felt meaningful to scale this project to reach few more batchmates which led to the development of this website! This site was made public on May 9, 2021 with an announcement on the same channel. It was a complete responsive design with notes, eBooks and pretty much everything needed without the assistance of telegram.

As it was just a static website with not much back-end support, it was hosted on free GitHub pages hosting and a free domain was bought from Freenom. Eventually the website started getting more users, so it felt meaningful to maintain the project and improve the overall User Interface. As Glassmorphism was the 2021 UI trend, I tried implementing it on this website and rewrote all of the codes. Now, it looks a lot more cleaner and pleasing with Glassmorphism UI. By the way, this was all possible with just pure HTML, CSS and lil bit of JS, no frameworks were used. That's the impact of pure CSS animations, it's all about bringing imagination to reality with an awesome codebase.

Know the people behind this

• Nagaraj Pandith,
CSE Undergrad @NMAMIT
Creator of TG Channel & Developer of nitte.tk

• Keerthan R Varma,
ECE Undergrad @NMAMIT
The Source of most of the Chemistry cycle materials here!

• Prajwal H Suvarna,
CSE Undergrad @NMAMIT
The Source of most of the Physics cycle materials here!

• Shawn Linton Miranda
Graduated Student from NMAMIT
The Source of most of the 2nd year CSE materials here!

• Vidyesh Kumar,
CSE Undergrad @NMAMIT
Source of all the scanned notes & records.

• Unsplash.com
Photo Collection
The source of all the Backgrounds used here!

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